Things to talk about:

  1. What are the fundamental topics which underpin most maths
  2. Numeracy Ninjas as a digital version

Notes from Meeting

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Key Skills.png

Key Research – R.Bjork

Remember, Forgetting and Learning

Pacing the subjects taught in order to form lasting connection – permanent learning.

Time Table Rockstar

Times tables are a key skill and R.Bjork created a gamified version.

Bar Modeling

Covers a huge proportion of the GCSE curriculem in a visual way. It tackles: fractions, percentages and all the more complicated mathematics on top of it.

There is currently do digital version of this.

Algebra Tiles

Is an alternative to bar modelling and works in a similar way. Visually showing the breakdown of number.


My focused maths topic should be around bar modelling and the different questions and maths that use this topic and the way that number is visualised in this way.

Numeracy Ninjas Digital Version

It would be great to have digital version of Numeracy Ninjas that asked 30 questions. In an ideal world the software would track how long each question took and then create the next 30 question for the next day in response to the previous questions answered. If they managed to do the question quickly it would be longer before they saw them again (3 weeks). If a student answered a question slowly they would be shown it again more quickly.