Year 3: Semester 1

ARTD3043 Games Development 2

This Semester I have focused on the interplay between education and technology. I started by taking a broad look at education theories and narrowed it down by looking at learning theories and styles within a Maths context. I then experimented with how to translate these learning theories into a practical context, focusing on a visual and kinaesthetic approach.

My final solution can be found at: htttp://

To see how I got to this final solution you can look through this WordPress site at your leisure or follow the step by step explanations using the Projects notes, split into the 4 Phases.

Project Notes

Are split into 4 phases:


Tech Shop

Contains notes from technical workshops around coding, and more specific Phaser things I’ve done individually.

I have also set up my own github and jsfiddle accounts which contain the code I have been working on this semester.


Are conversations with external lecturers and Adam and notes for the final year show.


Social Media

You can find me in on the internet.